Tech Flow Chisinau | Demystifying DevOps

eveniment 30 mai

Event is free of charge and open to the entire community.
To attend though, please register and present the confirmation at the event entrance.

Modern technologies such as cloud, microservices, containerization and continuous delivery, coupled with agile ways of working are important enablers for today’s requirement for high-paced software delivery.
Most people would agree that achieving rapid software delivery needs an automated CI and CD pipeline, but it’s also important that we consider how we work – that is, how we achieve DevOps ways of working. Using an effective DevOps process, as well as a CI and CD pipeline, is an important part of modern software development practice.
As it has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, it is a good time to look back at the evolution of DevOps and how it has developed beyond a set of tools used to configure a CI and CD pipeline, to being an all-encompassing culture and mindset for software delivery and operation.

At Tech Flow in Chisinau we will discuss the evolution of DevOps and its practices and consider what awaits us in the future, as DevOps – the power behind digital evolution – will help drive digital transformation, delivering high quality products and new customer experiences.

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