PentaBAR #29 // Behind the Scenes of Technical Audits

4 iulie

🔬 Technical auditing may be associated with the invisible language behind any digital experience or, to put it another way, a systematic and recurrent analysis of Research and Development activities performed by an expert with a cross-functional market perspective and substantial methodological expertise.

📌 Dedicated to anyone with at least 3 years of experience involved in the software development industry, interested in #Agile-driven improvement, value creation, risk management, and failure prevention, this PentaBAR ( is designed as a snapshot of the following agenda elements:

1. The types of technical audits and where these fit better;
2. The structure of a technical audit process;
3. The parts of the project that are audited;
4. Tools to use and metrics to check.

🗣 One of Pentalog’s prime technical guardians, Dan Tudorache has managed to tailor our business needs in compliance with operational circumstances and best practices, ramping up various projects as a Python Technical Lead, Solutions Architect, Pre-sales Consultant, mentor and coach. He is also the founder of the RoPython Meetups in Bucharest and Iasi, guiding as an irreproachable leader 640 members and helping them align with the current corrective standards.

👀 Think ahead and keep your strategies updated. Grab a bite, have a drink and meet Dan. We’re friendly and technical! 🥜 🍩 🍻

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