PentaBAR #15 // Augmenting Reality with JavaScript – Chapter 1

11 iulie endva

Virtual has never been more real. Untold are its prospects but so are its limits. Or is virtual limitless? AR means, after all, never-ending motion and active creativity into a layered universe whereas VR is felt more authentically induced by the users. For a new perception of reality, all JavaScript-fashioners are invited to the first chapter of a journey into the digital unknown ⏩ ⤵

– Introduction to Augmented Reality;
– Rendering 3D Content to the Web;
– A-frame, VR for the People;
– 10′ Live Coding.

 Blending reality with virtual dazzles many people nowadays but how impressive is this to developers? Is it natural to cope with the tasks of rendering 3D content to normality?

Alexandru Bătrînu, a high-tech lo-fi purist, opportunistic by nature looking for interesting ways to interact with technology, is more than willing to “web” animate a session of fantasy interaction and transform Pentalog’s office into his playground. A Hobo, Coder and Thinker, Alex is a wanderer permanently wondering about new adventures in the tech landscape.

🙌 Got some time to feel the freedom of frenetic web translation of reality? Have a beer, don’t stand up! Eyes closed or not and let your imagination run!

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