Afterwork // From Product Roadmap to Happy Stakeholders


Product Roadmap is defined as a wish transformed into reality based on a coherent plan. It needs to be constantly updated and prioritised in order to help us better align, make the right decision, build the right product and know the proper direction.

👌 The Product Roadmap can also help us spot risks within the agreed strategy and take preventive actions in the allocation timeline. It also channels the vision and status communication and approaches long or short term objectives.

🤔 So, how can we build and use a product roadmap? Experienced or not in using such kinds of roadmaps, join us in a free event where we can share ideas related to:
– the definition of Product Roadmap;
– Product Roadmap designers;
– designing reasons and tools;
– optimization and communication strategies;
– a Q & A session.

Andreea Tătăruş and Catalina Vrabie are two young female specialists helping you getting a clearer vision of Product Roadmap. Andreea is an Agile practitioner, Design Thinking enthusiast, Lean service advocate and product-oriented professional. She is an experienced Product Owner, with a solid background in QA and Project Management.

Catalina is also an Agile practitioner, product-oriented specialist and business and customer-focused Coach. She built her career as a Product Owner gaining experience in various software projects. She currently deals with designing healthy and autonomous teams.

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