“Fix it in Post” is the only Conference organized in Moldova for the visual effects and post-production in media and film industries.

Fix It In Post Conference is at its second edition and will gather 10 video, sound, and TV broadcasting production experts as speakers (including foreign guests), and 200 attendees (current and future specialists) under one roof.

We are laying the foundation of a new, strong community of post-production specialists which will become the driving force of Moldova’s video and sound production business potential.

There is a strong interest in the possibility of outsourcing industry services, and local businesses interest to new markets and skill improvement for this area with participation of niche oriented professionals that will secure the industry growth and continuity of this event.

Access to the conference is free of charge. Register here:

The conference will also include 2 workshops and a networking event to help consolidate the post-production community. Stay tuned. We will be back with more info!

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