Programming Digest #16


When your data doesn’t fit in memory: the basic techniques

You’re writing software that processes data, and it works fine when you test it on a small sample file. But when you load the real data, your program crashes.

My name causes an issue with any booking!

Whenever I get a ticket through an agent and they put my first name as Amr, it lands as A only in the Airlines system. That happened with many airlines and different agents. That is pretty much annoying, specially during the online check-in.

Developers mentoring other developers: practices I’ve seen work well

How does mentoring work? I asked this question ten years into my software engineering career when I joined Uber. Until then, I’ve never received or done mentoring, or at least never put this label on any activity I’ve done before.

Surviving Software Dependencies

For decades, discussion of software reuse was far more common than actual software reuse. Today, the situation is reversed: developers reuse software written by others every day, in the form of software dependencies, and the situation goes mostly unexamined.

DKIM demystified

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) allows a person or organisation to claim responsibility for an email message by associating a domain name with the message.

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