Best4u International – Top Brand of 2020

The business model of Best4u International, extended teams, is an innovative element for the IT market of the Republic of Moldova. The company forms teams of IT specialists from Moldova, and also here, in Moldova, these specialists become legitimate employees of the partner- companies. Thanks to our business model, 2020 brought us various successes: double number of employees (from 50 to 100), double number of external partners (from 8 to 16), increase of financial indicators (profit margin grew from 11% to 25%).

“COVID-19 changed people’s perception of life and work. In 2020, Best4u International’s focus was on how to protect its employees, their families, and the local community. Although it has been a year of challenges, we have also continued to expand our teams and, with it, our commitment to support our partners through innovation and continuous development. We are all in this together. I wish you all health! Together we will make a difference in this fight!”

Innovations on the IT market in the REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA
This is how Best4u International works. For example: an X Company from The Netherlands needs employees. Best4u International selects these specialists according to the criteria of the X company, with the values of the X company, with its rigors and requirements, and creates here, in Moldova, a professional embassy of the X company. The employed specialists are not
working today on a project of the X company from the Netherlands, and tomorrow on one of a Y company from Germany – they are permanent employees, with valid documents, of the X company from the Netherlands, working at home, in Moldova.

“Partners for the Greatest Few!”
Being selective allows us to make sure that we do not assume more than we can achieve, which gives our partners and employees the confidence that when we promise something, we will surely do it.


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