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Descrierea jobului

Kids are finally back to school, city is full of traffic, early autumn rains are washing out the last pieces of the asphalt. You can smell the wine harvest already, but you are still in the same office and on the same job… Fix it now! Or send us your friend’s CV and Get your Wine Tour ticket if he gets hired.

Come join us building our high-quality and modern internal analytics SaaS that faces super high-load daily! Our DB has 45,643,198,901 documents in it. You’ll love working with us as a Go developer because we are just like a family: we all sit in the same room staring at our devices.

We are looking for an experienced API developer, who will help our team to deliver secure, developer-friendly API for our platform.

A good fit will be

– A senior dev in at least 1 backend language (doesn’t matter which one),
– Able to architect the correct solution by thinking about potential problems,
– In love with good tests and documentation.

If you don’t understand why Unit Tests are important please DO NOT READ FURTHER!

More Requirements:

– We use Git / CI / CD and we respect tests! We REALLY RESPECT tests! So you need to also,
– Code that doesn’t make your coworkers cry,
– Personality that doesn’t make your coworkers cry,
– English (but you are reading this so ✔️)

Nice To Haves:
– Machine Learning experience,
– ElasticSearch / MongoDB,
– Redis / Kafka,
– Kubernetes / Docker.

– Mainly on-site but we are flexible: come to the office only when necessary.
– employee or contract isn’t important to us,
– project is long-term and well funded and has some interesting benefits (like plane tickets for your vacations),
– Fulltime Position,
– Salary: $2,500 – $4,000 net,
– Salaries so white that FISC gets confused.

Contact: email operations@aaha.co or send a FB message.

Detaliile jobului
  • Salariul oferitMDL 40.000+
  • Nivelul de carierăprofesionist
  • Experiență2-3 ani
  • Nivelul de studiimasterat
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