We offer great opportunities for professional growth, modern technologies, interesting and difficult tasks, comfortable office, enthusiastic and friendly team.


  • Personally responsible for the work of the entire development team to anyone with whom the team cooperates
  • In his discretion manages resources of the developers for completing assigned development tasks
  • Plans work on the basis of directives received from the senior management and the compliance of this plan with the goals of the company
  • Works with project managers (who state tasks in general)
  • Monitors progress of this plan every week
  • Encourages the desire of employees to perform tasks competently and with full dedication
  • Delegates part of his duties to the team members, except responsibility
  • Estimates time needed to complete tasks taking into account risks and a real assessment of the capabilities of his team
  • Presentation of the completed tasks to the client


  • High personal programming level in different languages with PHP priority
  • Extensive technical expertise in the development domain (AdTech)
  • Understanding and proficiency in modern technologies for managing software programs development processes: Jira, Git, Docker, etc.
  • Experience in describing processes, diagrams, states through UML
  • The ability to describe and convey to subordinates the essence and requirements for the tasks set in plain language; the accuracy of wording when interacting
  • Proficiency in UI / UX modeling tools

Communication skills:

  • Show personal interest in the results of the completed tasks
  • Basic knowledge of psychology
  • Experience in managing a team of programmers
  • Communicability, positive perception of any situation
  • Respectful treatment of every team member
  • Even temper

Our benefits:

  • Highly competitive salary ($3000)
  • Official employment
  • The prospects for career growth
  • Challenging projects
  • We make a hell of a team
  • Сonvenient work schedule (Weekdays 10:00-19:00)
  • New office in the city centre
  • Fresh fruits, coffee, tea …

Enticon isn’t typical outsourcing company.

We do what we love and love what we do! Join our team!

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